Enlarge Travis Solet Travis Solet's Trial Began Monday With Jury Selection In State District Judge John Leblanc's Courtroom.

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Enlarge Travis Solet Travis Solet's trial began Monday with jury selection in state District Judge John LeBlanc's courtroom. Jury selection continued Tuesday morning, and attorneys gave their opening statements that afternoon. If convicted, Solet will face a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of probation, parole or suspension of sentence. Assistant District Attorneys Diana Sanders and Heather Hendrix are prosecuting the case. Thibodaux attorneys Matthew Ory and David Ardoin are representing Solet. In her opening statement, Sanders told the jury the case met three of the circumstances included in the definition of aggravated rape. She said the alleged victim: Resisted "to the utmost," but her resistance was overcome by force. Was prevented from resisting by threats of "great and immediate bodily harm" that Solet seemed able to commit. Was prevented from resisting because Solet was armed with a dangerous weapon, in this case a handgun. Among witnesses expected to testify are deputies, detectives, doctors, a family friend who arrived at the crime scene and the alleged victim.

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